Baker’s Fresh Yeast Handling and Use

Presented as part of Technology Transfer Seminars 2023

Bakers are well aware that yeast is a crucial ingredient in baking, playing a key role in fermentation, dough rising, and flavour development. Grant Inns and Dr Hari Saripalli of Mauri presented on another aspect of yeast – the care and attention required in the handling of this important living ingredient, specifically baker’s fresh yeast, of which there are more than 1500 different strains available.

Grant and Hari explained the science behind yeast and the two critical components of yeast gassing – gas production and gas retention. An overview of commercial yeast production outlined the processes involved in getting yeast from the laboratory to the bakery, and the factors which must be controlled during production of liquid cream yeast, stabilised liquid yeast, and compressed yeast.

The emphasis of the presentation was on the handling of fresh yeast, by which they mean best practices for working with yeast, keeping yeast pure, preventing contamination, keeping yeast healthy and reducing yeast stress. As yeast works best within a specific temperature range, they highlighted temperature control as crucial when working with baker’s yeast as it can significantly impact the yeast’s activity and therefore the outcome of baked goods.

Temperature control in the bakery is allows enzymes in the yeast to work efficiently at the optimal temperature, and gas production to occur at a consistent rate.

The advantages of liquid yeast were also made clear, including minimal handling required, excellent dispersion in the dough mass in all types of mixers, good tolerance for low and high water temperatures, and consistent gassing activity. There is also the benefit of bulk storage and no packaging waste.

However proper storage of bakers’ yeast is crucial for maintaining its viability – temperature control at every stage, dark storage, a consistent environment, refrigeration, hygiene, labelling, stock rotation and monitoring for use-by dates.

Grant concluded by encouraging bakers to embrace and commit to good yeast handling and use as it plays such a vital part in creating quality products.

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