Types of Flour

Types of Flour

Most of us would describe “flour” as fine powder, made from wheat, which we use in baking. Depending on the wheat and the blending processes used by Millers, you can buy different types of flour, each with a different bakery application.

Storing Flour

When storing flours there are a few pointers that should be observed. To ensure the flour is always at its best for use store in a cool, dry cupboard, preferably in an airtight container.

Flour is always readily available so it should only be brought in quantities that will last a maximum of two to three months. This is particularly applicable to wholemeal flour which contains the germ part of the grain as this can go rancid with time. If it is necessary to store flour for extended periods of time we recommend that the flour is kept in the freezer. It is better not to mix new flour with old if you are not using the flour regularly. Make sure bags are secure to prevent infestation by the flour moth or beetle.