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Young Bread Baker of the Year

The YBBOY competition is run annually by the New Zealand Association of Bakers and is open to bakers in New Zealand that have completed their qualification within the past 2 years.

Young Bread Baker of the Year

Two day competition

Apprentices – taking part in the Young Bread Baker of the Year Competition – are tested on their practical baking skills as well as completing a written exam, and a researched presentation. The judges’ panel is made up of people from within the New Zealand baking industry.

Candidates participating in the two day competition will be expected to demonstrate an ability to:

  • professionally introduce themselves to the judges,
  • deliver a high quality, well researched 10 to 12 minute presentation on a topic supplied a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the competition commencing,
  • produce a range of products including lidded breads, hand moulded breads and small goods in a test bakery environment,
  • calculate bakery percentages and product costings

As well as show an excellent knowledge of baking theory with particular focus on bread baking and general bakery science

Along with gaining the title of Young Bread Baker of the Year, the winner will be presented with a research grant up to the value of $10,000 for research such as overseas travel to attend training courses or conferences. Through these experiences they can expand their understanding of new technology, ingredients, process or trends in products.

The winner may also be asked to represent New Zealand at the LA Judge Award competition.


LA Judge Award

“Supporting Skills Development in the Australasian Baking Industry”

Since 1967, Australasia’s most prestigious annual baking prize has recognised the best young baking apprentice in Australia and New Zealand. Each year, apprentice bakers compete for the honour of the LA Judge title. The Award recognises their baking ability and industry knowledge to identify future industry leaders.

The LA Judge Award is a three-day event that will next take place May 2022. Bakers who are just about to complete, or have just completed, their apprenticeship compete to win the prestigious award. Candidates are tested on practical baking skills, technical knowledge and presentation and communication skills.

For more information, visit the LA Judge Award official website

Young Bread Baker of the Year

Honours List

The Young Bread Baker of the Year competition began in 2007 and is open to all bakers in New Zealand that have completed their qualification within the past 2 years.The Honours Board you can read about past winners and also read what they are up to now.

Honours Board
Young Bread Baker of the Year

An update on past winners

We catch up with previous winners of the Young Bread Baker of the Year Award and find out how their win impacted their career choices. We also find out what they have been up to since taking part in the competition.

Previous Winners