Baking Basics

Safety in the kitchen

Home baking is great fun, but it is also important to be safe in the kitchen. Its important to keep yourself safe and make safe food to eat!

Food Safety

Wash your hands is the number one rule before beginning any baking in the kitchen. This stops bringing into the kitchen and the food any bugs. To wash your hands use soap and running water and wash for at least 20 seconds of rubbing your hands together and in between the fingers. And also important is to dry your hands on a clean paper towel or hand towel.

Find yourself an apron and it’s also a good idea to keep your hair tied back away from your face to prevent it from falling into the food you are making.

Next clear a space on the bench and give the bench a clean down too with a cloth and hot soapy water. You now know you are ready to start baking.

Read your recipe and find all your ingredients in the kitchen fridge and cupboard. It is important to check the dates on the ingredients.

Keep ingredients covered, preferably in a sealed container, to keep them fresh and free from contamination.

Flour Based Recipes


Have some fun making these cupcakes and decorating them. Make different coloured batches of butter cream icing, choose fun sprinkles or use fruit to decorate them with.


Your Safety

There are many potential hazards when baking to be aware of so here are some useful tips for keeping safe:

: baking usually requires you to use an oven and sometimes a stovetop or a microwave to melt ingredients. Be aware of the stovetop and the oven door if they are in use. Use oven gloves or cloths to remove hot pots from the stovetop or baking pans from the oven. Be careful of steam or hot air when you open the oven door. Place hot food on a stable, heat resistant surface.

: if you spill ingredients on the floor when you are busy mixing, clean the spill up immediately to avoid anyone slipping over.

: It’s a good idea to wear an apron and closed shoes when you are baking. This will keep your clothes clean and your feet safe from falling objects or spills.

Sharp utensils and equipment
: Baking often requires the use of knives, beaters, mixers and other tools and equipment which could be dangerous. Be aware when using sharp knives. Never put your hand into a mixer or any other equipment that is turned on or moving. Make sure your hands are dry before touching electrical switches. If you do cut yourself, clean the wound and apply a plaster before continuing to bake.

: Store your baking ingredients and equipment in such a way that they are easy to reach and will not fall on you or anyone else.



Nutrition is the effect that food components have on the functions of the body. Our daily food choices impact the wellbeing of our bodies.