Science Fairs Results 2018

Central Northland City Science & Technology Fair


Niamh Trail                            

Topic: Can glcyerine replace sugar for diabetes

School: Kamo Intermediate School


North Shore Science & Technology Fair



Kate Holloway & Maia Taylor                          

Topic: The Snap Test

School: Carmel College


NIWA Auckland City Science & Technology Fair




Adalia Lobo                          

Topic: Cookie Buster

School: Mt Roskill Intermediate School

Runner Up   

Phoebe Duncan & Hannah Bell                       

Topic: Who Needs Gluten?

School: Diocesan School for Girls

NIWA Manukau City Science & Technology Fair



Lydia Anderson                  

Topic: Cupcake Colour Confusion

School: Somerville Intermediate School

WITT Taranaki Science & Technology Fair



Olivia Pennington                                             

Topic: The rise and falls of breads

School: Sacred Heart Girls College


EIT Hawkes Bay Science and Technology Fair



Millie Haszard/  Greta Russell                            

Topic: To Rise or Not To Rise

School: Hastings Girls High School


Manawatu Science and Technology Fair



Stephanie Stewart                   

Topic: Reduce Food Waste

School: Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School

Runner Up               

Rebecca Golding                        

Topic: Sugar Rush

School: Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School

NIWA Wellington Science and Technology Fair



Neeve Campbell and Yasemin Philippi

Topic: Eco-Alternatives

School: Hutt Intermediate


Cawthron Scitec Expo (Science Fair) 2018



Joe Leach                        

Topic: Sourness of Sour Dough

School: Nelson College

Marlborough Lines Science and Technology Fair



Carys McNabb                          

Topic: Cake Crazy

School: Fairhall School


Sanford Science and Technology Fair



Lachlan Adam                      

Topic: Crunch Time

School: Ashburton Intermediate


Aurora Energy Otago Science and Technology Fair



Harry Bates                                          

Topic: Cake it til you make it

School: Balmacewen Intermediate School


Ella Hou and Skyla Murray

Topic: Sneaky Sweetners