Science Fair results 2011

Top Energy Far North Regional Science and Technology Fair

First Place

Leonora Hampson

Topic: Different Flours Effect on Cakes

School: Bay of Islands College


North Harbour Science Fair
















First Place

Chantelle Maher

School: Mahurangi College


NIWA Auckland City Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Carwyn Thomas & Ryan Tasker

Topic: Does complex carbohydrate help you last longer?

School: Kelston Boys High School


Madeline Chan

Topic: Honey, you're so good

School: Diocesan School for Girls


MIT Manukau City (Manukau Institute of Technology) Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Jenny Lin

Topic: Keeping Cookies Crunchy

School: Manurewa High School


Anna Farrell

Topic: A Sticky Situation

School: Somerville Intermediate School


NIWA Waikato Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Maiya Willis

Topic: Eggs or no eggs

School: Koromatua School


Eastern Bay of Plenty Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Edgar Smits

Topic: The Tarlet Express

School: Awakeri School


NIWA Bay of Plenty Science & Technology Fair



First Place

Courtney Ryan-Colgan

Topic: Habaz Biscuits

School: Aquinas College


Fonterra Taranaki Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Angel Hunter & Anna Lacey

Topic: Baking soda vs. Baking powder

School: Sacred Heart Girls College


EIT Hawke's Bay Regional Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Imogen Moore

Topic: Flour Power

School: Havelock North Intermediate School


Gisborne - East Coast Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Hannah Geuze

Topic: Flour

School: Gisborne Intermediate School


Christopher Niven

Topic: Optimum Storage Place of Bread

School: Gisborne Intermediate School


Josh Kerr

Topic: Does the amount of chocolate in cocoa affect the time it takes to cook?

School: Lytton High School


Wanganui Science Fair
















First Place

Jadzia Morris

Topic: It's a piece of cake

School: Wanganui Intermediate School


Hannah Rennie

Topic: Baking Powder

School: Wanganui Intermediate School


NIWA Wellington Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Becky Hawthorne

Topic: Rise Up Against Gluten

School: Queen Margaret School


Marlborough Lines Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Jordan Silcock

Topic: Does E263 prevent mould growth in bread?

School: Fairhall School


Sanford Science & Technology Fair (Central South Island)


First Place

Katie Read

Topic: Sure to rise

School: Longbeach School


Canterbury-Westland Schools' Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Cameron Stevenson, Chris Jung

Topic: Can anyone be the Perfect Baker?

School: Medbury School


Sophie McPheat

Topic: Holding it all together

School: Our Lady of Assumption


Henry Semple (Kirkwood School)

Topic: The best gluten free pasta

Ben Marshall-Lee (Cobham Intermediate School)

Topic: Kids Power Bars

Beth Melchers (St Martin's School)

Topic: Cooking Lubricants


Aurora Otago Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Madeline Kate Homan

Topic: How the cookie crumbles


Amy Jones

Topic: Chocolate Cake Cutdown

Charlotte Cotter

Topic: Cookie Time

Fiona Cannon

Topic: Mmmmmmmuffins


NZAS Southland Science & Technology Fair


First Place

Andrew Allen & Dryw McArthur

Topic: Yeast Feast

School: James Hargest College (Junior)