Science Fair results 2006

Results from regional Science & Technology Fairs 2006

Hannah Davies and Ana Marise Stephens.

Top Energy Far North – 24 August 2006

First Place

Hannah Davies and Ana Marise Stephens

Topic: Cereal Power

School: Kerikeri High School


Rochelle Judkins' 'Cookie Time'.

Central Northland (NZ Refining Company) – 21-25 August 2006

First Place

Rochelle Judkins

Topic: Cookie Time

School: Kamo High School


Morley West, chief judge of the fair, with Simone Watson.

Eastern Bay of Plenty – 9-12 August 2006

First Place

Simone Watson

Topic: What's With the Bread? 

School: Otakiri Primary School


Wanganui – 7-8 September 2006

First Place

Casey Dalton

Topic: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

School: Wanganui Intermediate School

Second Place

Paige Nossiter

Topic: Flour Arrangement

School: Turakina School


Taranaki Fonterra Co-operative Group – 31-2 August 2006

 First Place

Kim Kaline

Topic: Yeast


Renee Wadsworth's 'Likeable Liquids' Isobel Tocker's 'Knead it or Not?'

Manawatu (Fonterra Research) – 25-27 August 2006

First Place

Renee Wadsworth

Topic: Likeable Liquids

School: Palmerston North intermediate Normal School

Second Place

Isobel Tocker

Topic: Knead it or Not?

School: Palmerston North intermediate Normal School


NIWA Wellington – 24-26 August 2006

First Place

Jack Pederson

Topic: Food for Thought

School: St Mark's Church School


Megan Stratford's 'High Rise'Jade Adam's 'What Are the Effects of Baking Soda and Baking Powder in Baking'

Marlborough (Malborough Lines Co and Blenheim Lions Club) – 19-20 September 2006

First Place

Megan Stratford

Topic: High Rise

School: Marlborough Girls College

Second Place

Jade Adams

Topic: What Are the Effects of Baking Soda and Baking Powder in Baking?

School: Marlborough Girls College


Olivia Rogers with 'Kick Start Your Day'Natalie Crowther with 'Get Up and Go!'

Canterbury/Westland (Lincoln University) – 13-14 August 2006

First Place

Olivia Rogers

Topic: Kick Start Your Day

School: Cobham Intermediate School

Second Place

Natalie Crowther

Topic: Get Up and Go!

School: St Michael's Church School

Second Place

Jared McLaughlan

Topic: Start Your Day the Right Way

School: Chisnallwood Intermediate School

Merit Award

Lucy Zhang, Keziah Hammond and Vivienne Joe

Topic: Fastest Moulding Bread

School: Kirkwood Intermediate

Merit Award

Angus Cameron

Topic: Stone-delicious

School: Cobham Intermediate School

Merit Award

Danielle Ewen and Amanda Waller

Topic: It's Good to Be Gluten Free

School: Merrin School


Kirsten Hollins with 'Mould "N" Bread'

Jack Gorman with 'So How Do You Like Yours?'Kale Sandi and Josh Cook with 'Mouldy Bread'

Timaru (Sanford) – 6-7 September 2006

First Place

Kirsten Hollings

Topic: Mould "N" Bread

School: Ashburton Borough

Second Place

Jack Gorman

Topic: So How Do You Like Yours?

School: Ashburton Intermediate

Merit Award

Kale Sandi and Josh Cook

Topic: Mouldy Bread

School: St Joseph's


Otago (Aurora Energy Ltd) Aurora Otago S&T – 7-13 August 2006

First Place

Wendy Smirk

Topic: Bakery De La Horse

Second Place

Nick Lorimer

Topic: Pikelet Perfection

Merit Award

Savannah Brady

Topic: White vs Wholemeal


Southland (NZ Aluminum Smelters) – 8-11 August 2006

First Place

Ryan Maxwell & Matthew Easton

Topic: A Bigger, Better Base

School: Edendale Primary School