Career Prospects

A baking qualification opens many and varied career pathways. The New Zealand baking industry is currently facing a shortage of qualified bakers. There are numerous opportunities, especially for those wanting to become an apprentice, which allow you to learn while you earn money.

If you choose to work as a baker, you will prepare, bake and decorate bakery products such as cakes, bread, pastry, biscuits and small goods. Tasks include:

  • following recipes
  • weighing and measuring
  • mixing, shaping and panning
  • setting oven temperatures and baking
  • cooling and packaging
  • decorating
  • preparing orders and serving customers
  • receiving and delivering goods

Bakers may specialise in one area such as:

  • patisserie work
  • cake decoration
  • artisan breads
  • confectionery
  • advanced processing technology

Bakers with good qualifications and experience can progress to management or ownership positions within a bakery.

However, many people who gain a baking qualification go on to work in related industries. There are numerous career possibilities in the broader food industry. People with baking qualifications become:

  • specialist technical advisors
  • bakery tutors
  • food researchers, writers and editors
  • caterers
  • food stylists
  • plant supervisors
  • test bakery or laboratory technicians
  • sales representatives
  • merchandisers
  • product managers

They also work in:

  • customer support
  • recipe and ingredient development
  • hospitality
  • the media and publishing industry

Many of the most successful careers are based on knowledge and experience in more than one field. Adding a Baking qualification to Science, Engineering, Management, Nutrition or Food Technology degrees could fast-track you to a position in:

  • food technology
  • quality assurance and management
  • product development or testing
  • senior management roles

A Baking qualification could give you the advantage over other graduates and allow you to quickly add value within your chosen industry.