Sandwich Loaf Supreme

A sandwich to share...this sandwich idea serves 4.


1 day old loaf of bread
6 slices lean cooked ham
2 hard-boiled eggs, shell removed
4 gherkins, sliced
Butter or margarine
500 grams cream cheese
1 Tomato, small
Salt and pepper


Remove the crusts from the loaf of bread and cut lengthwise into five equal slices.
Butter each slice and spread the lower one with the ham.
Spread the next slice with cream cheese and place on top of the ham slice.
Combine the hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise to produce a consistency that can be spread on slice of bread; place on top of the cream cheese slice.
Spread the fourth slice with gherkins and place on top of the egg slice.
Put the fifth slice butter side down on top, so that it has the form of the original loaf.
Cover with plastic film and refrigerate with weight on top overnight.
Soften the remaining cream cheese with a little milk if necessary, and coat the top and sides of the loaf.
The loaf can be decorated with slices of tomato and olives.