Technology Transfer Seminars 2019

17 September 2019

Looking towards the future of New Zealand baking

The Baking Industry Research Trust recently held Technology Transfer Seminars in Auckland and Christchurch. These seminars provide Bakers and members of allied industries the opportunity to network while learning about up to date information from industry experts. 

Invited speakers presented on a range of industry related topics including

  • History of Baking
  • Reducing Gluten Epitopes
  • Flour Dust Standard
  • NZ Self Sufficient in Milling Wheat -2025
  • Wholegrains – Summary of Research
  • Young Bread Baker of the Year Competition

This year’s keynote speaker was Mr Stan Cauvain from BakeTran in the UK.  An expert in his field, Stan has wide experience of milling and baking subjects and, before engaging in research, he had commercial experience in flour milling, bread manufacture and product development. Stan presented on improving process control as well as trends in the baking industry in terms of product, ingredient and process. Stan outlined the triangle balancing act that is required between process, ingredients and recipe to create a new healthy baked product.

There was a noticeable theme throughout the presentations on highlighting improvements and trends for the future of baking whether it be by changing the composition of the ingredients to accommodate gluten free diets, increasing the wholegrain consumption for health benefits or  making New Zealand self sufficient in milling wheat by 2025.

What is also important for the future of baking in New Zealand is the need for continued research, collaboration and information sharing, and the importance of alliances for the benefit of the sector. Much of the research being carried out is now co-funded and carried out by more than one industry partner.

Presentations by

  • Ralph Thorogood, Chairman of Baking Industry Research Trust
  • Sarah Roberts, Researcher, Plant & Food Research
  • Kerry Cheung, Technical Specialist, WORKSAFE
  • Ivan Lawrie, Chair Arable Food Industry Council
  • Stanley Cauvain, Bakery Consultant, BakeTran
  • Tania Watson, Research Liaison, Baking Industry Research Trust
  • Matt Chin, George Weston Foods