New Kiwi product set to revolutionise baking

01 November 2010

Slice Magazine (November Issue) reported on Nekta Nutrition ltd, an Auckland based functional food research company, beverage manufacturer and exporter, has launched a new product with the potential, they claim, to dramatically improve the New zealand and australian baking industries. This new product is called Nektabake, a natural carbohydrate extracted from kiwifruit and described as a multi-functional baking ingredient.
Alternative to traditional fats Nektabake can be used as a replacement for butter, animal fats, oils and casein-derived products, making it a healthier, fat free/low fat alternative to traditional baking fats. it has the potential,
say Nekta Nutrition, to improve nutritional value and add other functional benefits across a broad range of products including bread, muffins, cakes, pastry, pies and cookies.
Nektabake contains carbohydrates, pectin, dietary fibre, vitamin C, vitamin e, potassium and malic acid.

95 per cent fat free pie
Nektabake acts as a stabiliser, flavour enhancer and texturiser, mimicking the mouth feel of fats. Used on a traditional meat pie, say Nekta Nutrition, the pastry tastes the same and has the same texture on the palate as a fat-based pastry, yet can be up to ninety-five percent fat free. other applications include low fat cakes, muffins, biscuits and energy bars. The benefits include additional softness in breads, and increased yield due to its volume enhancing properties. Plus, say the makers, it can satisfy the all important consumer “squeeze test”.

Nekta Nutrition ltd says that, for sales and marketing purposes, Nektabake provides products with a healthy clean label with no e numbers. Additional benefits announced include colour enhancement with rich, even browning and a depth of flavour that emulates the taste and texture of expensive artisan products. Nektabake also prevents “freezer burn”, makes most products microwavable, and provides a fresh-from-the-oven
experience without burning or scorching.

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