Lifetime achievement award for Doug Leighton

27 September 2017

Well known and highly respected baking industry figure Doug Leighton retired at the end of 2016 from his positon as National Product Development Manager at Tip Top Bakery after 53 years in the baking industry. He was recently presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Baking Industry Research Trust.

Doug started his career in baking in 1963 at Taylor’s Bakery (as Tip Top was known then) on the North Shore in Auckland at the age of 21. Initially packing bread, he processed through all the jobs in the bakery, receiving excellent training, and wound up in charge of the dough room in 1968. “I just loved that,” says Doug. “From then on I had an incredible interest and a thirst for knowledge and it all developed from there. I loved trouble shooting because even though you have a problem it’s always a very satisfying feeling when you overcome it. The more problems I faced the more I liked it.”

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