Inventor can do

01 November 2010

Slice (November 2010 Issue) reports on Inventor Mark kirkland of Salt lake City, Utah, who has invented what he calls the Candwich: a sandwich in a can. it is designed to be sold from vending machines.
The invention uses long-life bread and is coming onto the market in texas and California soon. Some Candwiches, such as the peanut butter and jelly (what we call jam), have the fixings packed separately, to be assembled by the customer. In others, such as the pepperoni pocket, the filling is baked into the bread.
The Candwich can be eaten as is but the inventor reckons people will take the BBQ chicken can, put it on their car dashboard and let the sun heat it up.
“Nearly 15 percent of americans are too busy to eat during lunch,” kirkland says. “also, i figure this product will be in demand for disaster relief. i wish i had 100 million cans after the earthquake in Haiti.”