High-protein bread could bake up a storm: Euromonitor

17 April 2014

Bakeryandsnacks.com (April 2014) reported on a potential new bread product. High-protein bread will be a functional niche of the future if manufacturers can play up the satiety angle and get the taste right, says Diana Cowland a health and wellness expert and senior analyst for Health and Wellness at Euromonitor International.  Although it is currently quite a niche product; a number of high-protein bakery launches have occurred in Germany and this trend is likely to expand across the globe.

Incorporating protein into bakery products could also be a turnaround ticket for industry amid gluten-free and low-carb diets, although it would still always compete with gluten-free. It is suggested that bakery manufacturers pull protein and gluten-free together because it would resonate well with the health-conscious ways of the gluten-free consumer.

For any bakers looking to develop protein breads, taste would be critical given how regularly bread was consumed and the taste profile of plant-based proteins in particular. It is thought that the US would be accepting of high protein products and these niche products should be tracked so see how well they are accepted into mainstream eating habits.