Enzyme based fat replacer can reduce fat in bread by 70 per cent, claims Puratos

04 March 2011

Bakeryandsnacks.com (04/03/2011) reported on an enzyme based margarine, butter and oil alternative for bakery goods, which according to ingredients supplier Puratos, can reduce the level of saturated and total fat in bread by up to 70 per cent.

Puraslim is a “functional paste” that the company claims can allow for nutritional claims such as 'low in fat', 'zero grams trans fat per serving' and 'reduced fat' in rolls, pan bread, tortilla, buns.The fat in cakes and muffins can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, which also allows for a ‘reduced fat’ claim.

Although the cost of Puraslim within the recipe is comparable to margarines and shortening, it is used at lower dosage levels, which makes it more cost effective. It also marketed as less price volatile than oils, ensuring a more stable price point.

Despite the drop in fat content, the company claims that taste and texture of the goods is not lost as the ingredient mimics all the functionalities of traditional fats such as texture and shelf life.To compensate for the typical mouth feel and flavour release that a fat brings in sweet baked goods, a carefully selected touch of flavour has been added. Blind consumer tests run by Puratos Sensobus showed that 44 per cent of the consumers preferred the Puraslim version of brioche breads to the standard bread of with 31 per cent preferred. 25 per cent of the consumers had no preference at all. Once consumers received information about the fat reduction, the preference was increased to 66 per cent, claims Puratos.

The ingredient is currently available in both the US and Europe.