Christchurch bakery makes best buns

21 February 2013

Kidds Cakes and Bakery from Christchurch was unanimously chosen by the judges as the clear winner of the Great New Zealand Hot Cross Bun Competition, which had 68 entries overall from around the country.

Kidds Cakes’ focus on flavour was rewarded, with the judges saying the use of lemon juice to marinate the fruits worked well for both the flavour and the texture of the buns. Chief judge Mike Meaclem of the Baking Industry Association of New Zealand says the buns had a lovely light texture, and a nice bold look to them with a perfect white cross.

The bun description submitted with the entry, read: “Old fashioned hot cross buns hand crafted using a double fermentation process, with lemon juice marinated exotic fruits, a delicate blend of fresh spices, and a hint of citrus zest, finished with a sweet citrus glaze.” The fruits used in the buns included sultanas, currants and cranberries.

The judges were Mike Meaclem, bakery tutor at CPIT, Dennis Taylor, a qualified chef and manager of the School of Food & Hospitality, Marcus Braun, patisserie tutor and winner of numerous awards himself, Tony Goddard, bakery tutor, and Ryan Marshall, culinary manager at the School of Food & Hospitality. The judging criteria were aroma, colour, texture but most of all flavour, and the judges agreed that while there were a number of very good entries, Kidds’ buns were outstanding.

Kidds Cakes will be presented with a Silver Trophy this week by BIANZ President Brendan Williams, naming them Winner of the Great New Zealand Hot Cross Bun Competition. This is the inaugural Great New Zealand Hot Cross Bun Competition and Brendon and chief judge Mike Meaclem both see it as the start of a competition that will bring prestige to winners and come to be regarded as an essential part of the baking calendar.