American shoppers seek out grain breads

30 January 2014 (30-Jan-2014) reports on a recent study by Packaged Facts that more than half (56%) of American shoppers say they are cutting back on white bread - but not necessarily because of bad press regarding wheat or gluten.

The American survey of 2000 adults showed that 56% claimed to be cutting back on white bread, 28% claimed to be cutting back on breads or baked goods because of wheat, and 23% claiming to be avoiding breads or baked goods owing to gluten. Consumers were cutting back on white bread at higher rates that wheat flour or gluten. The biggest shift in bread consumption in the US over the last 10 years has been the increase in whole wheat bread at the expense of white bread.

Data from the survey also showed consumers are seeking out whole-grain and multi-grain breads and baked goods at higher rates than natural or organic products. Consumers aren’t just wanting healthier bakery products but breads that offer different experiences in terms of taste and texture. They want more variety beyond white and wheat, and multi-grain and seeded breads provide such experiences for many.

The numbers from the report show that virtually all American consumers eat some form of bread, but they are eating it less frequently and in smaller quantities.