02 December 2010

Defatted corn protein could be used for making gluten-free bread with a crumb structure and texture closer to that of wheat bread, according to chemists at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS). …more

01 December 2010

A greater variety of baked goods can be enriched with a new bran ingredient that has a milder taste, better mouthfeel and improved microbiological status than the conventional variety, according to claims by German ingredient specialist, Kampffmeyer. …more

01 November 2010

Nekta Nutrition ltd, an auckland based functional food research company, beverage manufacturer and exporter, has launched a new product with the potential, they claim, to dramatically improve the New zealand and australian baking industries. …more

01 November 2010

Slice (November 2010 Issue) reports on Inventor Mark kirkland of Salt lake City, Utah, who has invented what he calls the Candwich:…more