02 May 2012 (2/5/2012) reported on a study which identified a probiotic coating added to the surface of bread through microcapsules, which can produce functional bread with similar characteristics to common bread. The research found that probiotic lactobacillus acidophilus can be applied as an edible coating to bread to produce added health benefits. …more

16 March 2012

In what was an extremely tight competition, Jason Keesing, from Fresh Start Bakeries, Glenfield, Auckland, has won the award of 2012" NZ Young Bread Baker of the Year". In winning this award, Jason demonstrated to the judges an ability to excel in three key areas: practical baking, theoretical knowledge of baking technology, and presentation of research. …more

13 March 2012

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is calling for submissions on a draft nutrition, health and related claims Standard. The proposed new standard will regulate voluntary statements made by manufacturers on labels about the nutrition content of a food, or a relationship between a food and health. Please note the submissions date has been extended to 30th March 2012.…more

07 March 2012

The majority of Kiwi kids seem to be getting enough iodine to sustain good health since bakers switched to using iodised salt in most breads, according to a new Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) report. …more

08 December 2011

Catch up on news from Baking Industry Research Trust in our latest bulletin. Read about how to nominate a Baker for the Young Baker of the Year 2012. Also discussed are key findings from the 2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey as well as an interesting study regarding Australians consumption of grain based foods and a progress report on sodium reduction in bread. …more

11 October 2011

Kiwi bakers are leading trans-Tasman efforts to lessen sodium levels in bread according to a paper published in the Medical Journal of Australia by researchers at The University of Auckland and the George Institute for Global Health (Sydney). Dr Helen Eyles from The University of Auckland’s Clinical Trials Research Unit says: “Bread is the largest contributor to dietary sodium intake in both Australia and New Zealand, and excess sodium can cause blood pressure to rise over time, greatly increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.” …more

23 August 2011

Catch up on news from Baking Industry Research Trust in our latest bulletin. Read about the winner of the Young Baker of the Year, an update on Folate fortification and an article on the latest bakery trends…more

22 June 2011

A session on Cereal and Bakery will be included as part of the programme at the New Zealand Institue of Food Science and Technology Conference to be held in Rotorua from June 29th thru to 1st July. The session to be held in the morning on 30th June, will include three presentations on enzymes in baking, the food structure of bakery products and modern and ancient grains used in todays bakery products. …more

27 May 2011 (27/05/2011) discussed a new report titled "Baked Goods: Culinary Trend Mapping Report", that showed convenience, global flavors, and premium products are leading new trends in the bakery sector. The new report from the Center for Culinary Development (CCD) and market research organization Packaged Facts found that even with the current recession baked goods innovation and consumption has continued to rise. …more

02 May 2011 (2/5/2011) has reported on a study by Malaysian food engineers, which has been published in the Journal of Food Engineering showing the effect of ultrasonic waves on sponge cake quality. The researchers showed that ultrasound exposure could be used to improve the quality of aerated food products given that their research results showed it produced cake batter of lower density and flow behaviour index, as well as having higher viscosity, overrun, and consistency. …more