Gluten Free Food & Allergy Show - Auckland

The Gluten Free Food & Allergy Shows are New Zealand’s only exhibitions dedicated to bringing people ideas and solutions for a wide range of allergies and intolerances, from food to skin or respiratory issues.

To help make life easier, the Gluten Free Food & Allergy Shows get companies with allergy-friendly products and services under one roof, so you and your family can find products and services that meet your unique requirements, sample them first, and stock up on the ones you like – at significantly discounted prices.

There are experts on hand the whole weekend, such as Allergy NZ and Coeliac NZ, who are happy to give you information and advice. There are also seminars run all weekend, and there is no extra cost to attend.

Event Details

Date:23 - 24 May 2015
Location:North Shore Events Centre, Silverfield and Argus Place Entrances, Glenfield