Combination method

Also known as the 'Flour batter' method it is often used for making old-fashioned pound cake. Flour is creamed with shortening to form a soft and light, fluffy mass. At the same time in a second bowl, the eggs and sugar are whipped at medium speed to form a semi-firm foam. The egg whipping is not as thorough as that needed for sponge cake.

The two mixtures are then gently combined by folding the whipped eggs and sugar into the creamed flour and shortening. The maximum aeration is the basic means of leavening; little, if any, other leavening is used. This method is also used in cheese cakes and marble (wonder) cakes.

A lot of care must be taken with folding in ingredients. Over mixing results in the formation of large holes in the cake and uneven grain, as well as a loss in volume.

If adding egg whites, whip them only to 'wet peak' (shiny) not 'dry peak' as they are more easily folded in and do not break apart which makes them difficult to fold in. The excessive mixing then required leads to loss of volume and possible toughness in the mix and resulting product.

Pound cake recipe

500g each of flour, eggs, butter and sugar.

Cream butter and sugar.

Add eggs and flour slowly, beating continuously.

You can add 500g of fruit and/or a pinch of baking powder and/or peel or essence