When would it be beneficial to add additional Gluten to a bread formulation?

Extra gluten is usually added due to either a large number of ingredients in the recipe which don’t contain gluten or because of the addition of ingredients which contain coarser particles.

If bread contains a high amount of ingredients that don’t contain gluten, then the overall amount of gluten in the recipe is diluted. This will ultimately affect the structure of the end bread product. Ingredients such as bran or germ can have this affect as can non flour ingredients such as fats or liquids. Adding extra gluten ensures that the gluten network is strong enough to hold these extra components.

The addition to bread of large coarse particles such as bran or seeds can weaken the dough structure physically, as these larger particles disrupt the gluten structure.

Types of bread that may need extra gluten are: wholemeal bread, high fibre bread, corn bread, hearth breads and mixed grain bread.