Krishna Samy

Chairman NZ Flour Millers Research Trust (FMRT), Technical and Grain Manager for Mauri, George Weston Foods

Krishna has been involved in the baking industry for over 30 years, the last 16 of which he has been with George Weston Foods.

Krishna gave an overview of FMRT’s role and outlined their research strategy goals and objectives. Reliability, innovation, added value, raising the profile of the industry and its products and creating and enhancing alliances with other industry sectors are the focus on FMRT’s strategy.  New varieties of wheat, replacing MDD mixers for research, grain storage pests, bread wheat cultivars and ensuring flour is fit for purpose are just some of the wide range of projects funded by FMRT. Some are carried out and funded in conjunction with other industry bodies such as BIRT. Krishan pointed out that there is far more emphasis on co-funding and common goals than before, which will be highly beneficial to the industry as a whole.

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