Research Grants

Research Grants can be used to engage a researcher to investigate a process or quality issue at your company or production site. Alternatively a Grant may be used to employ a specialist to mentor an in house project team.

Applications are open to all flour levy payers or organisations that support flour levy paying companies.

Click here to download and complete an application form.

Completed forms should be emailed to Baking Industry Research Trust’s Secretary, Tania Watson –

Closing Dates

Each year there are four closing dates for Research Grant applications:

End of January for notification of success or otherwise by end of February
End of April ……………by end of May
End of July …………….by end of August
End of October ……… end of November

Rules for BIRT Research Grants

  1. Value up to 10,000 + GST

  2. Grant must be used for research which will benefit flour levy paying industry. At the completion of the project, applicants must produce a report (in a format agreed with the BIRT Secretary) and/or presentation for the Baking Industry Research Trust which covers at least the following (excluding commercially sensitive data):    a) Key findings from the research,  b)Further research possibilities, c) A breakdown of expenditure for audit purposes.

  3.  All research carried out including methodology, results and conclusions must be shared with NZ Association of Bakers (NZAB) and Baking Industry Research Trust (BIRT) Members.

  4. If funds are used to attend a conference then BIRT must be provided with a copy of the conference proceedings and papers
  5. Any papers presented by a grant recipient at a conference travelled to using BIRT funds must be preapproved by the BIRT committee.
  6. All research must be carried out in a manner agreed by the BIRT committee or its nominee (e.g. Plant & Food Research)
  7. Granting of Research Grants is at the sole discretion of the BIRT Committee.Their decision is final and non-contestable.