Peter Rewi

Peter Rewi is General Manager of Breadcraft (Wai) Ltd. in Masterton. He is also a Director of the company.

Peter began his baking career as a bakers labourer in 1971, and moved to doughman in a large plant bakery, running a bulk fermentation system. In 1972 he converted the bakery to an MDD system and took a position as production manager in 1973.
He has held various roles in industry as production manager, sales manager and technical advisor for a yeast and ingredient company in mid 1980’s.
Peter took a five year break from the baking industry, during which time he managed a food manufacturing company involved in pickles, sauces and condiments. He returned to baking in 1989 and has been at Breadcraft since then.

Peter has broad experience in all aspects of yeast raised baking, pastry production and specialty bread production, and with various ingredient manufacturing processes and systems. He has served on various technical committees as well as being a member of the BIRT committee.