Joe Jarkiewicz

Joe works for Goodman Fielder as the Process and Technology Manager.  This job involves working across all the New Zealand baking sites to review processes and look for improvements at each site. This includes training baking operators, with a focus on training the baking apprentices.

Joe's interest in baking began while he was still at high school as he worked part time in the baking industry. He enjoyed the challenges of getting product out fresh on a daily basis and he discovered that the more he found out about baking, the more he needed to learn. This led to Joe completing an apprenticeship - Trade Certificate in Plant Baking.

Now Joe has been involved in the baking industry for over 40 years and he says his highlights have been the people he has had the opportunity to get to know and work with as he feels that the baking industry does attract a special type of person. Opportunities to travel the world visiting bakeries and expos are also listed as highlights.

In terms of the Baking Industry Research Trust (BIRT), Joe thinks that it allows for an interface between science and what happens in the bakery. It gives all bakers a chance to put forward areas that they would like to learn more about and get facts rather than opinions behind the answers. Joe also recommends the NZ Young Baker of the Year competition that the NZAB runs through BIRT as a great incentive and opportunity for young people coming through the trade.