Ricky Ashton

2007 Young Bread Baker of the Year

The first winner of this new award, presented by the New Zealand Association of Bakers (NZAB) for the best newly qualified bread baker in New Zealand, is Ricky Ashton from the Goodman Fielder Technical team.

Ricky will be representing the New Zealand Industry at the L.A. Judge competition held in Australia later this year and has identified that as part of $10,000 research grant prize he would like to visit the Las Vegas Baking exhibition.

Ricky was born in Whakatane 21 years ago and went to Trident High School there for 4 years. He applied for a job at Quality Bakers Rotorua for the Easter period 5 years ago and soon became a full time member of the smallgoods shift. He quickly learnt all the jobs in this area and began his apprenticeship in 2004. He has recently become a member of the GF Technical team under the watchful guidance of Joe Jarkiewicz.

Ricky won the Stage 1 Quality Bakers Apprentice of the Year for 2005 and the overall Apprentice of the Year in 2006 before entering this year’s NZAB “Young Baker of the Year” award. Ricky has started to plan how he will use the research grant of $10,000 he gets from winning NZAB “Young Baker of the Year”. The majority of the money will be used to visit the IBA expo in Florida held in October 2007. He sees this as an ideal opportunity to see the latest technology, equipment, ingredients and processes in the baking industry all in one area. He is also planning to visit some plants on this trip to see how large manufacturers operate in the USA.