Matthew Chin

Matthew Chin is a leading hand at one of Quality Bakers’ Auckland plant bakeries after just six months in the role. Starting out studying computer science at university in Dunedin, Matt says he soon realised he needed to do something else and began looking for a job. A role at Quality Bakers in Dunedin came up and after two weeks there he was offered a full time role, and after eight months, a Baking Apprenticeship. Two years later, he headed to Auckland to take advantage of the opportunities available. He says learning the science and theory behind baking is the most interesting part of what he does. He would like to develop his interest in ingredients, research and product development, and sees himself in a more technical role in future within QB. Matthew is a keen boxer outside of work and enjoys competing. He says a baking competition and boxing require the same things: skills and a lot of preparation. Matt also enjoys gaming, watching movies and spending time with his young daughter.