Jasmine White

Jasmine White says coming from a large family meant helping out in the kitchen when she was growing up. She discovered her love of food, an interest nurtured by her parents. After finishing school and getting work in a café, she realised it wasn’t what baking was really about, so she very pleased to get a position at Rolleston Bakery. Now in the second year of her Baking Apprenticeship, she says she loves the little bit of magic involved in taking raw ingredients to a finished product, and takes great pride in her work. Jasmine also enjoys training new bakers as part of her role.

Jasmine says she entered the competition to improve her skills, challenge herself and see if she stacks up against the other competitors. She views baking as an excellent way to keep upskilling and taker her around the world. Travelling is an important goal for Jasmine and she is keen to go to Europe and see different baking methods and products, meet others in the industry and get experience and new ideas.