Jordan Holland – Finding new ways of doing things

After seeing a bit of the hospitality industry while working as a kitchen hand in Tauranga, Jordan realised it wasn’t for him. Baking, on the other hand, was a creative dream come true. A week of work experience at his uncle’s bakery in Darfield
sealed the deal and Jordan knew that baking was the career for him.

A year in the Sheffield Pie Shop was followed by another 18 months at Sydenham Bakery in Christchurch, and then by a move back to Tauranga where he has been at Bakeshack for nearly two years.

This ambitious young baker now has a good range of experience under his belt and says what he loves most about baking is seeing the final product come out after putting a lot of effort in. Competing in the Weston Milling Trainee of the Year Award, and a third placing in the 2015 Bakels Pie Awards has given him a taste for competition, and he has plenty of ideas for future products and pie entries.

Bread and pastry are Jordan’s preferred products, and he says the process of finding out the reason behind faults and fixing these is a huge motivating force for him. He is also interested in the challenge of minimising waste on a large production scale, and maintaining product consistency, both essential to avoid losing valuable profit.

Jordan spent time in Auckland practicing for the Young Bread Baker Competition, and says this is the secret and strength behind any success in baking. “Practice, and finding new ways of doing things.”

He says learning more about the management skills required to run a bakery is number one on his list for future development.

When Jordan is away from the bakery, he plays golf and spends time with friends enjoying Tauranga’s social scene.