Jacob Saunders

Jacob Saunders from Rolleston Bakery is no novice when it comes to competitions. After entering the Young Bread Baker of the Year Competition in 2017, and then the LA Judge Award, he has some experience of how it all happens.

On the verge of completing his Level 4 Craft Baking Apprenticeship, Jacob sees competitions as a fantastic opportunity to put himself forward. He says winning the Competition would take him a long way in his career and open a lot of doors.

Jacob sees his strengths is having a work ethic in which he never leaves a job unfinished. Having started helping out in the family bakery from the age of 12, he has long term baking experience and his people skills also give him a good rapport with staff and customers.

Jacob is driven to give back to an industry that he says has given him many opportunities, and is inspired by the ongoing learning and growing baking offers him. He says everything he has learned and excelled at will go with him through life, whatever he ends up doing. Given his sociable personality and love of interacting with people, that could be almost anything, but teaching is  definitely somewhere on his radar for the future. He is also keen to follow his interest in nutrition.  When he isn’t working, Jacob is training hard for the next rugby season, or surfing.