Bandhan Patel

Bandhan Patel is a 24-year-old Senior Baker at Creative Edge Food Co in Auckland. In the second year of his Level 4 Craft Baking Apprenticeship with Bakels, he’s been baking for just over six years. Starting out as a packer, he watched the bakers, and after expressing his own interest in baking, got promoted to making cookies.

After seeing the quality of Bandhan’s work, Creative Edge offered him an apprenticeship and he now specialises in making and decorating cakes and tarts, as well as producing cookies, brioche and other sweet products, as well as managing staff in the bakery.

Bandhan particularly enjoys doing the research needed for special orders, and learning the new techniques required to carry these out. He says he is inspired by his seniors at work, watching how they work, learning from their knowledge, and their ability to make consistently excellent and uniform product.

He entered the Young Bread Baker of the Year Competition to challenge himself and learn more about bread baking as he has done very little of this in his current role. He is also keen to meet the other entrants and find out more about what they do in their roles.

Bandhan is looking forward to finishing his apprenticeship, continuing to work for Creative Edge, and working his way up to more complex roles.