Mike Faulkner

Bakers Delight - Pukekohe

Being Store Manager and having great staff means Mike Faulkner, Bakers Delight, Pukekohe, can take a break from the early morning starts and enjoy the smiles of the customers. Mike has recently stepped away from the baking side of the business after seven years, several of those spent gaining his modern apprenticeship in baking.
“I learnt everything on the courses, including a lot of what I need to know for a job in management,” he says. “Having a good boss also helped. It’s good to show people what you expect from them, to be fair and, when you need to, to be firm.”
Mike enjoyed the block courses and always enjoys a visit from Alison Dundass, his apprenticeship co-ordinator from Plant & Food Research. “She’s good value and we get along well,” he says.
Now Mike is managing two young apprentices and is enjoying watching them learn and grow into their roles as bakers. They have the early morning starts and have become accustomed to the heat of the bakehouse. Along with another qualified baker and a production manager, the apprentices are keeping product on the shelves of the bakery. Mike is happy with their progress and anticipates one will graduate soon.
In the meantime, Mike is enjoying sales and not having to start work until 7.30 am, quite a change from his previous 2 am starts. He would like to have his own bakery one day and is ensuring he gains the skills to do that.