Jackie Boulton

Café Time, Ashburton

Jackie recently finished her modern apprenticeship, gaining the National Certificate in Food Production – Baking – Craft Baking Level 4, and is now enjoying having more free time. “I’m really pleased I did it. I enjoy making something that you can sell. I wasn’t sure what to do when I finished school and an apprenticeship came up at the café I was working at so I took the opportunity.”

“It’s quite different from the little bit of home baking I had done. With professional baking you make much bigger amounts and the recipes and guidelines are quite strict to produce product that looks the same and tastes the same.”

A highlight for Jackie has been taking part in the block training courses in Christchurch with Plant & Food Research. “I loved the courses and being able to experiment with what you did. We were able to take time to learn different ways of doing things and could try different techniques and then you can take them back to where you work.”

Jackie’s favourite products to make are slices and cakes as she can be a little more creative. She does sample her work from time to time but tries to keep this tendency to a minimum. “Got to keep the waist-line happy,” she says.

For now she is happy spending more time with friends and getting in some more tramping and travelling. Maintaining her hobbies and a social life was a bit of a challenge while focussed on her apprenticeship. Even so, Jackie thinks that maybe in the future she would like to own her own bakery.