15 October 2014

The “Young Bread Baker of the Year” is an award presented annually by the NZ Association of Bakers for the best newly qualified bread baker in New Zealand. The 2015 competition will be held in Auckland on the 19th and 20th of February 2015. …more

15 May 2014

There is now an online form to apply for a Research Grant from Baking Industry Research Trust (BIRT).…more

17 April 2014 (April 2014) reported on a potential new bread product. High-protein bread will be a functional niche of the future if manufacturers can play up the satiety angle and get the taste right, says Diana Cowland a health and wellness expert and senior analyst for Health and Wellness at Euromonitor International. Although it is currently quite a niche product; a number of high-protein bakery launches have occurred in Germany but this trend is likely to expand across the globe.…more

25 February 2014

Judging for the top young bread baker in New Zealand took place in Auckland last week with Aidan Horner from Quality Bakers in Nelson and Bree Scott from Lyttleton Bakery being declared joint winners of the 2014 "Young Bread Baker of the Year" competition.…more

30 January 2014 (30-Jan-2014) reports on a recent study by Packaged Facts that more than half (56%) of American shoppers say they are cutting back on white bread - but not necessarily because of bad press regarding wheat or gluten.…more

29 January 2014

Foodnavigator-asia (29-Jan-2014) reports that the Singapore government’s scientific agency has joined forces with a university in a US$20m joint-venture to develop a variety of bread that will reduce blood sugar, among other research projects.…more

20 January 2014 (20-Jan-2014) reports on comments from Leatherhead Food Research (United Kingdom) that bakery products promising satiety and containing natural sweeteners have huge growth potential as consumers consider healthy eating more holistically.…more

19 January 2014

Researchers responsible for a new study have concluded that the idea that wheat causes obesity or sickness is misguided. The new study published in the Journal of Cereal Science by a team from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and the Crop Science group of Rothamsted Research UK set out to dispel myths about wheat consumption, caused they said, by non-peer reviewed publications.…more

13 November 2013

In this issue there is a Call for nominations for 2014 Young Bread Baker of the Year award to be held in February next year. There is a link to the nomination form. Be in quick as nominations close end of this week. …more