About Us

The Baking Industry Research Trust (BIRT) is a sub-committee of the New Zealand Association of Bakers (NZAB), delegated the responsibility of administering the Trust Account. The Trust Account was set up to meet the requirements of the Wheat Industry Research Levies Act 1989 and to identify and make recommendations to the NZAB Executive. The NZAB Executive has legal responsibility for administering the Trust, and other levy payers on research projects.

The BIRT committee is made up of representatives from the various levy paying sectors. These include plant bakers, small bakeries represented by the Baking Industry Association of New Zealand (BIANZ) (Baking Society) and biscuit manufacturers, as well as the Chair of the New Zealand Flour Milling Industry Research Trust. The two sectors frequently combine on research projects.

Copies of completed research reports are available to all levy payers and BIRT would encourage all industry members to take advantage of research conducted on their behalf.

Since the formation of the Trust in 1989, a key aspect of the Trust’s work has been to ensure that the research conducted is appropriate for the Industry sector the Trust represents. Consequently in addition to having representatives from all sectors, the trust has also conducted a number of strategy workshops in which industry personnel have outlined the research framework for the Trust to follow.

The framework developed has provided the Trust with some clear guidelines but the Trust is always open to further input from levy payers as to research projects they believe would assist them in their business; BIRT members therefore encourage and welcome input from Industry.

To apply for a Research Grant from BIRT download and open the application form here. Applications are open to all flour levy payers or organisations that support flour levy paying companies. Forms should be completed and then posted to BIRT Secretary - Tania Watson. For any queries email bakingresearch@clear.net.nz

By way of this website, BIRT is endeavouring to make access to the research and activities happening within the NZ baking industry more available to industry and other interested people-it is an extremely exciting industry to be part of so it is great to be able to share it with you. Happy browsing.